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From the age of 10 weeks, your baby needs more stimulation, playing and looking around. This is where the awakening arch offers him an additional challenge.
These 3 small animal-shaped soft toys hang on the activity arch.
You can find the giraffe plush, the bear plush as well as the elephant plush.
You will quickly see that your baby will be fascinated by the movements of the toys on the baby activity arch. He will enthusiastically kick his feet or make sounds when he manages to grab a toy or tap it to make it move more.
Using an activity arch stimulates the development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills. In short, it stimulates all the senses.
In addition, your baby masters his grasping techniques better and learns that toys move more when you tap them or grab them.

Features :

  • Hand washing
  • Cotton and polyester
  • 3 small animal-shaped development toys
  • For the cozy, the stroller, or the activity arch
Shipping within 3 working days
Passionate and responsive customer service
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